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University of California Livermore Retirees Group

April 14, 2014

Latest Status Update now on site.

March 12, 2014

Thank you to everyone for helping us get our email lists updated. We should have that done in the next few days. Until that is done things won’t always go to the right place.


The “Request for Volunteers” letter is now posted here on the website under Legal/Court Papers 2 or just click on this link Volunteer Request.

March 4, 2014

There is a new status message posted that has also been emailed to everyone. It is about “Petitioners Notice of Motion and Motion for Class Certification”. The actual dates may be later. The motions will be found under the Legal tab, then Court Papers 2.

We do need volunteers who would be willing to act as backup for the UCLRG officers, especially for Secretary or Treasurer as these positions are presently filled by a husband and wife. An officer unable to fulfill his organizational obligations could seriously hamper our effort. Anyone interested in helping out please contact us at:



UCLRG Legal Defense Fund

Organized and run by volunteers, the UCLRG is attempting to require the University of California to honor its commitment to the retirees of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory by providing the same retirement medical benefits it provides to all other UC retirees.

Status Rpt 04/14/2014

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Legal Defense Fund

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